Level Measurement Description

Including magnetic level gauge, magnetostrictive level sensor, ultrasonic level indicator, etc.

  • Magnetic level gauge, local display, no power required. Suitable for a variety of environments from low temperature to high temperature, vacuum to high pressure. It is an ideal level measurement products for petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors. The magnetic float level gauge is equipped with upper and lower limit switch outputs to realize remote alarm and limit control. Equipped with transmitter, can realize long-distance indication, detection and control of liquid level. Different materials are provided according to different medium, and it is also suitable for corrosive medium such as acid and alkali. Wide range of applications, various installation forms, complete isolation of the measured medium from the indicator structure, good sealing performance, leak-proof, suitable for liquid level measurement under high pressure, high temperature, and corrosion conditions, high reliability, simple structure, convenient installation, and low maintenance costs.

  • Magnetostrictive level sensor is suitable for level measurement with high accuracy requirements, and can also be used for interface measurement between two different liquids. It is used for industrial level measurement and control of various liquid tanks, such as petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial processes, biochemicals, medicine, food and beverages, tank farm management, and underground storage at gas stations, etc. Strong reliability, high accuracy, good security, easy installation, simple maintenance, and convenient for system automation.

  • The ultrasonic level indicator uses non-contact measurement, the measured medium is almost unlimited, and it can be widely used for measuring the height of various liquids and solid materials. Low price, small size, light weight, strong anti-interference ability. Multiple output forms: programmable relay output, high precision 4-20mA current output, RS485 digital communication output. Anticorrosive type is available if needed. Used in pump room, water collection well, biochemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank, mortar tank, coal slurry tank, water treatment, etc.

Any other level measurement products, like radar level indicator, submersible level sensor, if you want, please let us know.