Optical dissolved oxygen sensor, pH/ORP sensor, conductivity/salinity/TDS sensor, turbidity/TSS sensor, multi-parameter sensor are available.
All the sensors have RS485 output, support MODBUS communication protocol. Most of sensors are equipped with cleaning brush, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The installation is more convenient. 24 hours/7 days real-time monitoring. IP68 protection grade. Warranty period is one year. Online Water Quality Sensor

Smart dissolved oxygen sensor, no need to replace the dissolved oxygen membrane and electrolyte, polarization time is short, fast response time, the measurements are almost unaffected by dirt and velocity. Corrosion resistant shell, built – in PT1000 temperature sensor and compensation algorithm. Included with data analysis software, with calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis and other functions. The electrode has the advantages of maintenance-free, high precision, simple calibration.

At the same time, we develop another type dissolved oxygen sensor that is specially tailored for aquaculture market, with cleaning brush which can reduce algae attachment, The shell material can be 316L stainless steel and titanium, with strong corrosion resistance ability. The most important is, it’s price is very competitive. And you will get big discount if your demand is large.

Industrial grade composite pH electrode, suitable for harsh working environment. Reference electrode double salt bridge design, with long service life. With PT1000 temperature compensation. Widely used in surface water, municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, waterworks, industrial processes, aquaculture and other industries.

Smart conductivity sensor, provides measurements applicable to low, medium, and high range electrical conductivity. Sensor materials are graphite, platinum, stainless steel, it can measure conductivity, TDS, salinity. The sensor has the advantages of good accuracy, good linearity and stable electrode constant.

Smart turbidity sensor, with cleaning brush. Use infrared LED with wavelength of 860nm as light source, unaffected by water color, 90°scattering method is adopted, comply with ISO 7027 international standards and USEPA 180.1 environmental standards for the United States. The electrode has the advantages of self-cleaning, maintenance-free, anti-interference ability.

Winmore has launched the latest online multi-parameter (all-in-one) water quality sensor, integrated design, reliable and easy to use. Up to 6 digital sensors can be connected at the same time, with automatic cleaning device, greatly reducing maintenance costs.