Project Description

High Frequence Silo Pulse Radar Level Gauge

Measurement Principle

The extremely narrow microwave pulse emitted by the antenna on radar level instrument can travel at the speed of light and part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of target medium, is received by the very same antenna. The time lapse between pulse emission and reception by the antenna is proportional to the distance between the surface of target medium and the reference point on antenna. However, due to the fact that the electromagnetic wave is transmitted at extremely high speed, which leads to the tiny time lapse (nanosecond level) and makes it difficult to be identified, series of radar level instrument have adopted a special demodulation technology, enabling itself to detect the time lapse between pulse emission and reception correctly, and eventually generate accurate measurement result.


  • The guided wave radar level instrument, adopted 26GHz as transmittion frequency, which make this series have specialties as below:Small beam angle, which centralize energy, make high ability of anti-jamming, hence high accuracy and reliable.Small antenna size, easy to mount and easy to equip extra dust protection Small blind zone, good accuracy even for small vessels.Shorter wave-length, suitable for small power.

  • Equipped with advanced microprocessor and unique EchoDiscovery echo processing technology, the radar level instrument can be used under various hazardous process conditions

  • The guided wave radar level instrument, with pulses as its working tool and extremely low emission power, can be mounted on various metal or nonmetal vessels, harmless towards the environment and human beings.

Technical Indicators

Measured Position Modbus—1~3 position or 1~5 temperature points
Analog—1~2 position
Operating Voltage +24VDC ±10% ;±15VDC±10%
Outputs 0~5VDC; 0~10VDC; -5~+5VDC; -10~+10VDC;      4~20mADC; ModBus; Hart
Range Rigid structure:50~5000mm
Flexible structure:4000~20000mm
Load Characteristics Current output:Load Resistance 600Ω(Max.)     Voltage output:Load current 2mA(Max.)
Operating Current <70mA
Operating Temperature -40~+85 ℃
Storage Temperature -40~+100 ℃
Non-linearity <±0.01% F.S.or 1mm max.
Repeatability <±0.002% F.S.
Resolution 16bit D/A ,0.1mm
Hysteresis <±0.002% F.S.
Temperature Coefficient <±0.007%F.S./℃
Zero Range 100%F.S.
Full-scale Range 100%F.S.
Update Time Depends on range, but less than 20ms
Probe Material A.0Cr18Ni9(304)   B.316SS
Housing Material A.0Cr18Ni9(304)
Mounting A. Threaded connection         B. Threaded flange
Cable Integral cable, mating connector, integral connector
Sealing Housing: IP65, Probe: IP68
Explosion Proof Exd ⅡBT5, Exia ⅡCT6
Note: The F.S. is short for Full Scale.

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