Project Description

Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity Sensor Features

  • Unique design and advanced production technology are adopted.

  • Medium and low turbidity using the principle of 90 degree scattered light, medium and high turbidity using the principle of 90 degree surface scattered light.

  • Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by sunlight.

  • High reliability: single board structure, touch buttons, no switch knobs and potentiometers.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/RFI) design: designed and manufactured according to European standard EN50081/50082.

  • Waterproof and dustproof design: protection grade is IP65, suitable for outdoor use.

  • English LCD display, English menus, English notes.

  • Historical curve: continuously record one month of data, five minutes records one point.

  • Notepad function: record 200 pieces of information.

  • Industrial controlled watchdog: make sure the instrument doesn’t crash.

Technical Parameters

Item Specification
Test Range 1.0~20.00 NTU, 0~50.00 NTU, 0~100.0 NTU, 0~200.0NTU. Different measuring ranges are equipped with different sensors. Please specify the measuring range when ordering. For more than 200 NTU, please select W5801  online turbidimeter.
Resolution 0.001NTU
Accuracy ±2%
Current Isolated Output 4~20 mA (load<750Ω)
Output Current Error ≤±1%FS
Alarm Relay AC220V, 7A
Power Supply AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz; optional DC24±2.4V, 1A power supply
Protection Grade IP65
Clock Accuracy ± 1minute/month
Data Storage 1 month (1 point/5 minute)
Data Continuous Power-down Save Time 10 years
Dimension 146(length)×146(width)×108(depth)mm
Weight 2.5 KG
Working Conditions Ambient temperature: 0~60℃, relative humidity <85%
Controller Installation Mode Open hole type/wall mounted/rack mount/pipeline type.
Sensor Installation Mode Flow-though type or immersion type; please specify when ordering.