Project Description

TURB-3B Precision Turbidity Meter

Product Overview

We specialize in the development and production of TURB-3B turbidity analyzer, water conductivity analyzer, dissolved oxygen analyzer and other water quality analyzers.

Application Area

Widely used in environmental protection, aquaculture, sewage monitoring and other projects.

Instrument Features

  • It adopts imported high-performance, long-life (100,000 hours), high-brightness light source, and narrow-band filter system. It has strong optical stability and is not easily interfered by various kinds of light. Therefore, the instrument has high precision and good stability.

  • Large screen LCD English display, English menu operation, simple and intuitive.

  • 10 standard curves and 500 measurements can be saved, and data will not lose even when the power is cut off.

  • The main machine casing is made of metal material and has good corrosion resistance.

  • Using high-performance, low-power 16-bit single-chip system, the performance is excellent.

  • With printing function and USB interface upload function.

Technical Indicators

Measurement Range: 0~1000NTU Indication Error: ≤ ± 2% (full scale)
Reproducibility: ≤ ± 2 % (full scale)
Minimum Resolution: 0.001 NTU
Hourly Drift: < 0.1 NTU
Dimensions: 340 × 250 × 130mm
Weight: 4kg
The instrument can run continuously in the following environments after powering on for half an hour:
Ambient Temperature: 5 to 40 ° C
Relative Humidity: ≤70%
Power Supply: AC (220 ± 10%) V; 50Hz
Avoid direct explosure to strong light, no significant vibration and strong electromagnetic interference
【Packing List】
Name Quantity Name Quantity
Host 1 Two cuvettes
1 power cord USB line 1
Data collection installation CD 1 1 product certificate
1 operation manual 1 warranty card

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