Project Description

Industrial Online Water Quality Controller

Universal controller that can connect intelligent electrodes and multi-parameter electrodes, display measured value and electrode status in real time, to calibrate electrodes, with data storage, data transmission and other functions. The controller interface is simple, easy to operate, non-professionals can also use it quickly.

The electrodes to be connected include: pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia and nitrogen, full spectrum, multi-parameter, etc. It is suitable for surface water, drinking water, municipal wastewater, industrial waste water, water plant, sewage treatment, circulating cooling, process monitoring and so on.

Online Water Quality Controller WINMORE

Online Controller Features

  • Up to 10 parameters can be connected at the same time

  • Electrode plug and play, automatic identification

  • Large touch screen, easy to operate

  • The data can be stored for more than 1 year

  • Standard Modbus protocol,high integration

  • IP 65 protection grade,shock resistance and flame retardant

Main Uses and Scope of Application

Widely used in surface water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, water plants, industrial processes, aquaculture and other industries.

Environmental Conditions for Use

Temperature: (5-35)℃; humidity: <85%RH, non condensing.

What Does the Main Interface Show?

  • After power-on, the controller automatically searches for the connected electrodes.

  • The upper part shows the number of connection electrodes, the number of monitoring parameters, the operating voltage, the storage cycle, the signal strength and the number of GPS satellites.

  • The middle part shows the latest measured value and range of each parameter according to the number of connecting electrodes.

  • The right operation button is used to display historical data, electrode calibration, electrode settings and advanced settings for the controller.