Project Description

Industrial Online Total Suspended Solids Sensor for Water Treatment

Smart TSS sensor, using RS485 communication interface and standard Modbus protocol, with cleaning brush. Use infrared LED with wavelength of 860nm as light source, unaffected by chroma of water sample, 45° scattering method is adopted, comply with ISO 7027 international standard and USEPA 180.1 environmental standards for the United States. Included with data analysis software, with calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis and other functions. The sensor has the advantages of self-cleaning, maintenance-free, anti-interference ability.

Online Total Suspended Solids Sensor Features

  • With self-cleaning function, remove attachments from water samples

  • Digital modulation filter technology, eliminate ambient light effects

  • Bubble compensation algorithm, reducing bubble interference in water samples

  • The long-life infrared LED light source, more than 10 years

  • Corrosion resistant housing, waterproof grade is IP68, can work underwater for a long time

  • RS485 communication interface, standard Modbus protocol, easy to be integrated

  • Data analysis software, with calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis functions.

Widely used in surface water, municipal sewage, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, water plant, process control and other fields.

Temperature: 0-60℃ ; pressure: 0-5 bar

Suspended solid refers to the solid substance suspended in water. It is one of the indicators to measure the degree of water pollution and the main cause of water turbidity. As the particle concentration increases, the incident light cannot illuminate all particles, and the scattered light in the 90 ° direction is blocked by other particles and cannot be detected. Therefore, 45 ° scattered light is used to measure the suspended solids.

Technical Parameters

Measured Parameter Suspended Solids
Working Principle Double beam scattering method
Emission Wavelength 860nm
Test Range (can be shown as FNU and NTU) (1.0-2500.0) mg/L (1.0-10.0) g/L (1.0-25.0) g/L
Resolution 1 mg/L 0.01 g/L 0.01 g/L
Measurement Accuracy ±2%FS
Linearity Error <5%
Communication Interface RS485, standard Modbus protocol
Dimensions D30mm, L185mm, cable 3 meters (customized)
Working Condition (0-60)℃, (0-5)bar
Working Voltage 12V/24V DC

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