Project Description

Industrial Online pH Sensor for Water Treatment and Aquaculture

Yantai Winmore W532-B is a general purpose digital pH sensor, which uses a rugged industrial electrode and a built-in temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation, and supports RS485 Modbus digital output. It is ideal for long-term online monitoring.

Adopt RS485 communication interface and standard Modbus protocol. Corrosion resistant shell,built – in PT1000 temperature sensor and compensation algorithm,applicable to all kinds of harsh working environment. Included with data analysis software,with calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis and other functions.

Online pH Sensor Features

  • Industrial grade composite pH electrode, suitable for harsh working environment

  • Reference electrode double salt bridge design, with long service life

  • PT1000 temperature compensation,accuracy up to±0.1℃

  • Corrosion resistant shell,waterproof grade IP68 can be long-term underwater work

  • RS485 communication interface,standard Modbus protocol,easy to be integrated

  • Data analysis software,with calibration, recording, analysis, diagnosis functions.


  • Range: 0-14 pH

  • Accuracy: 0.1 pH

  • Operation Temperature: 0~60 ℃

  • Built-in temperature sensor Automatic temperature compensation

  • Depth Rating: IP68, 10 m immersion

  • Digital Output

Widely used in surface water, municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, sewage treatment, waterworks, industrial processes, aquaculture and other industries.

Temperature:(-10-60)℃ ;Pressure:(0-6)bar

The pH is defined as the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion activity in the medium, used to measure the degree of acid and alkali. Hydrogen ions selectively permeate through the outer membrane,produce electrochemical potential,that is, the potential of the electrochemical boundary layer. The resulting electrochemical potential depends on the pH of the medium. The electrode is built with Ag/AgCl as reference electrode,its potential is stable, unaffected by the pH of the medium. The transmitter converts the measured voltage to the corresponding pH value based on the Nernst equation (Nernst).

Technical Parameters

Item Specification
Range 0-14 pH
Accuracy ±0.1 pH
Housing IP Rating IP68(completed electrode assembly)
Depth Rating 10m
Storage Temperature 0~60℃
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60℃
Interface RS-485, MODBUS protocols
Assembly Submersible
Power Requirements DC 5~12V, current<50mA
Sensor OD 26 mm
Sensor Length 167.5 mm
Cable Length 10m standard, 5m, 15m or 30m optional
Body Materials POM, 316L
Calibration Three points

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