Project Description

Online COD Sensor for Water Treatment

W550-C Sensor Parameter
◆ Optical path: 1mm;
◆ COD 0 to 1500mg/L equiv.KHP;
◆ 0~60℃;
◆ IP68 Protection grade;
◆ RS-485; MODBUS protocol compatible;
◆ One point or two-point calibration;
◆ UV LED light source.

Technical Parameters

Item Technical Specification
Interface Support RS-485, MODBUS protocols
Test Principle UV254 absorption method (reference measurement 550nm)
Test Range COD 0 to 1500mg/L
Resolution 0.01mg/L COD
Wavelength 254nm-500nm (dual)
Repeability 3%
Accuracy <±10%
Temperature Range 0 ~ 60℃
Housing IP Rating IP68
Maximum Pressure 5 bar
User Calibration One point or two-point
Power Requirements DC 12V +/-5%, current <50mA
Sensor OD 1-55mm
Sensor Length 310.5mm
Cable Length 10m (default)
Body Materials POM and 316L

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