Project Description

Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

Winmore launched an online ammonia nitrogen sensor, can do online real-time monitoring. It integrates ammonium ion, potassium ion (optional), pH and reference electrode to automatically compensate potassium ion (optional), pH and temperature in water.
Directly immersion installed, compared with traditional ammonia nitrogen analyzer, it is more economical and environmentally friendly, convenient and fast. The sensor is equipped with a self-cleaning brush, which can prevent the adhesion of microorganisms, make the maintenance cycle longer, and have excellent reliability. It adopts RS485 output and supports MODBUS for easy integration.

Sensor Features

  • Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS.

  • Automatically compensate potassium ion, pH and temperature in water.

  • With self-cleaning brush to prevent microorganism adhesion and makes longer maintenance cycle.

Technical Parameters

Item Technical Specification
Model W560-A
Ammonia Nitrogen Range 0-10mg/L and 0-100mg/L NH4-N
Ammonia Nitrogen Accuracy 5%
Ammonia Nitrogen Resolution 0.1 mg/L
pH Range 4~10
pH Accuracy ±0.1
pH Resolution 0.01
Protection Grade IP68
Deepest Depth 10 meters underwater
Temperature Range 0~50℃
Sensor Interface Support RS-485, MODBUS protocol
Assembly Immersion type
Power Supply DC 8~26 VDC±10%, current<50mA
Sensor cable length 10 meters (default), can be customized
Enclosure Material POM

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